HTML5 Ad Building Made Easy

Stop using Flash and discover EpochTM, a powerful yet easy-to-use animation tool for building and publishing multi-screen HTML5 ads.

  • KBS client
  • Fresh Digital client
  • Theorem client
  • Joystick client
  • Refinery29 client
  • Conde Nast client
  • Xaxis client

Export to Any Ad Server

Export Ad Server .ZIP Bundles

Introducing Epoch Bundles

Publishing a project as a bundle is the most efficient and cost effective way to deliver campaigns. Simply choose your server in Epoch and export ad bundles with your ad server’s hosting and reporting specs built-in and ready to publish.

Smaller HTML5 File Size

Smaller File Size

HTML5 Refined for Advertising

With Epoch, ads are coded in AdScript®. AdScript is a simpler and leaner HTML5 that excludes unnecessary libraries in order to significantly reduce your project file size.

Start using Epoch today!

  • The weakness of most players in this space is that while their tech primarily benefits production, their compensation comes out of media in the form of additional ad serving costs. We love that Adcade has solved that problem – and has done so in a way that doesn't change our workflow fundamentally.
  • Adcade has created mobile first, cross screen experiences for our clients that are scalable at every turn. They have a world class team with the ability to combine art and science to rapidly solve problems for advertisers. They are the gold standard.
  • The Epoch ad tool is a great way for advertisers to create HTML5 ads, and gives our customers the ability to integrate it with our serving, analytics and data capabilities.
  • Adcade has a great product that has helped us increase our engagement rates across all platforms. Their team is focused on the client's needs and their technology is the best we've seen.