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Stop using Flash and discover Epoch™ ['e-pik],
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Ad Building Isn’t Easy

The F Word

The "F" Word

With over 60% of online traffic coming from mobile devices, Adobe Flash is no longer a smart choice for designing and building digital ads.

Templates Are Limiting

Templates Are Limiting

Being confined to work within banner ad templates can restrict your ad creative, resulting in a poor user experience and campaign performance.

Open Source Code is a Gamble

Open Source Code is a Gamble

Using open source tools fragments your production process, comes with endless learning curves, and requires countless hours of research and testing.

More Ad Servers, More Problems

More Ad Servers, More Problems

Building your campaign shouldn’t involve using multiple creative platforms specific to different ad servers and additional CPMs.

The Epoch™ Way

Start with

LightSpeed™ by Adcade


Our Photoshop extension saves you time by converting PSDs directly to an Epoch project, including assets, code, and interactive functionality.

Zero Code Animation

Easily create multi screen animations with Epoch's Action Editing and Interaction Timeline features.

Epoch Timeline
Epoch Code View

Build with Adscript™— Simpler, Leaner HTML5

If you prefer coding, easily animate and build your ads with AdScript, the world’s first API engineered for multi-screen advertising.

AdScript is as simple as creating shapes and telling them how to behave, making it easy enough for designers to learn and flexible enough for developers to extend.

Preview Across Any Screen In Real Time

Preview your ads as you work across any device, collaboratively broadcast creative amongst your team, and test multi-device functionality in real time.

Epoch Cross Platform
IAB Mixx 2014 IAB Mixx Award Winner

Silver Medal Winner
2014 IAB Mixx Awards

Launch Your Campaign With .ZIP Bundles

Publishing a project as a bundle is the most efficient and cost effective way to deliver campaigns. Simply choose an ad server from the drop down menu to export your creative with an ad server’s hosting and reporting specs built in.

Double Click Sizmek

More integrations coming soon.

For Designers and Developers

Epoch is built for designers to easily create ads without code while allowing developers to effortlessly create rich experiences with AdScript.

Future Proof

AdScript compiles into the most modern authoring script for you, so you no longer need to learn a new codebase as technology continues to evolve.

96%+ Rich Media Delivery Rates

Say good bye to serving default backup ads and wasting a third or more of your media buy.

Mobile Ready by Default

Every ad is built ready to function beautifully across all mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Open Framework

Create your own templates, components and personalized interface to fit your workflow.

Say Goodbye to Resizing

With Epoch one ad size fits all, eliminating the need to build multiple creatives for different devices and multi-screen audience fragmentation.

Prebuilt Rich Media Tools

A variety of rich media features, functions and components are prebuilt for you to easily add to your creative.

To Template or Not to Template

The choice is yours to work within a prebuilt template or enjoy the creative freedom to build wildly complex ads.

Self Service Support

Help yourself to quickly find what you need from any of our support channels — help center, online training resources and in app feedback for interpersonal customer support.

What Others Are Saying

  • The weakness of most players in this space is that while their tech primarily benefits production, their compensation comes out of media in the form of additional ad serving costs. We love that Adcade has solved that problem – and has done so in a way that doesn't change our workflow fundamentally.
  • Adcade has created mobile first, cross screen experiences for our clients that are scalable at every turn. They have a world class team with the ability to combine art and science to rapidly solve problems for advertisers. They are the gold standard.
  • Adcade has helped us land new clients, increase our cross platform offerings, and boost our engagement metrics on desktop, mobile, and tablet.
  • Adcade has a great product that has helped us increase our engagement rates across all platforms. Their team is focused on the client's needs and their technology is the best we've seen.